Tuesday, September 28, 2004

New England - Original.

Last couple of days have been spent kicking about Montreal,
nice town but it sucks when you have no cash to frolic
with. Russell, a chap named Phil and myself put a curry
together which was pretty tasty. The kitchen in the hostel
is located in the same room as the main relaxing area and it
was funny to see everyone elses eyes streaming while we ate!

Left Montreal on the greyhound, Burlington,Vermont was the
next destination. The US border is only about an hours drive
south of Montreal and it's about another hour to Burlington.
The border crossing was a nightmare, the border patrol
looked like (and probably were) ex-marines and loved
grilling us with questions and generally making everyone
feel bad about coming into America. As I wasn't either
Canadian or American I was taken into the 'room at the
back' for a few more questions about my visit. I got more
of the same stuff, "Why are you coming to the US?" and
"What's that bag of white powder you have in your bag?" (it
was laundry detergent in case you too were wondering).
Still, they let me in after almost managing a smile at a
joke I cracked about the British. Burlington itself was
pretty nice, it's populated by maybe forty thousand people
and is situated on Lake Champlain in the state of Vermont.
It kind of reminded me of Carmarthen (but sunny and hot)
with all the little cafe's and corner stores. I met up with
a guy called Marc, I'd met him at my uncles wedding in Nova
Scotia back in June. My uncle Owen worked in Kenya for a
while and Marc was out there at the same time so we were
introduced and Marc said that I could stay anytime if I was
visiting the States - It just so happened that he lived in
exactly the same town as a girl I know, Ann, who I was on my
way to see anyway! Funny. So Marc and his wife Tina both
work out of Burlington and have a nice little place in the
South of the city. (I'm not too sure how they qualify cities
over here but it was a city all the same).

We went to another Wine and Cheese evening (the second in
about a week, people might think I'm classy if I'm not
careful) last night. The dinner party consisted of an
English guy called Hammond (the host), a well travelled
couple in their early sixties , a chap called Bob...,
another couple of women and a Welsh guy called Chris (me..).
The food was great, the wine was flowing and the cheese was
tucked into (very nice cheese although one particular piece
smelt like the stuff in between my toes...)

The next night we travelled for about an hour South to a place called Brandon and were driven by Marcs mate, Tom. Brandon was a nice enough place (small town) but I didn't see much of it as it was dark. Turned up at a garden party that was in full flow. The band was playing Jonny Cash, the kids were running around while most of the adults were either eating the (great) buffet ot standing somwhere near the beer kegs. My destination then! EVeryone had fun, had a nice chat to a few 'real' Americans (as in not the ones in Disneyland or the NYC Taxis). They all seemed to know where Wales was - a nice surprise as I didn't have to explain for once. Sat round the fire and sang more Jonny Cash until about one when Tom drove us back home.


At 9:47 pm, Blogger Aarti thought it was best to say...

Am SO confused...why did i think u were in wales?

At 4:35 pm, Blogger Owzyo! thought it was best to say...

Aye- where the hell are you, is this some sort of rouse?

At 5:42 pm, Blogger Curly thought it was best to say...

Sorry to confuse all. But, being back home means lots more things to do ( = no time for internet). I'm bringing you all up to speed as quick as possible by back-dating blog entries... hard work! Aarti & Owain, you've both got way too much time on your hands!!


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