Sunday, August 08, 2004

A new home?

Not to worry munchkins, I don't think that Calgary is the kind of place that I'll settle in. I'm talking about a new hobby, 'The Ship & Anchor'! As far as drinking establishments go, this one suits me fine. It's located on the 'infamous' 17th Avenue South East Calgary, or the 'Red Mile' as it's known to the yokels. The 'mile' is just a strip of mainly bars, eateries and a couple of 'trendy' shopping spots. (Am I over-using the inverted commas?) It became notorious after the Stanley Cup (Big Ice Hockey tournament) when the Calgary Flames reached the play-off finals this year. After every game that Calgary won, the street became rammed with thousands of revellers whom continued to party until the early hours! It was reported that there was a high 'naked breast' count most evenings too. I'm sure there's a website with photos somewhere....

The Red mile during the Stanley Cup play-off finals - The Flames narrowly lost in the final to Tampa Bay...

So, the Ship, I've spent a few evenings there and not really been anywhere else just yet. They serve pints (rare around here) and it has a rather nice Beer Garden, or 'patio' (have to translate into North American). Still not managed to go out drinking with any of the barmaids yet (It took 2 months in the George though) or manage to move in with them (7 months in the George). Nevermind we'll work on that one!

Have mostly just been kicking around the house, or working at the pub. Im' living with friend of mine, Kelly, who I met in Cairns (Oz) about 3 yrs ago, and her three lovely housemates Brittney, Tyler and Natalia. Also living with 4 cats, nice but one of them is gay and keeps trying to get off with me in the middle of the night, he has this wierd thing where he strokes your cheek with his paw and then moves in for the killer kiss...queer bastard.

Tonight, I'm trying to persuade people to go out but they think they're all tired. We'll have to see about that. Where's the beer?


At 11:20 am, Blogger Owzyo! thought it was best to say...

Face it dude! they're probably out of your league, especially if it's the one in the picture! Stick to the mingers you know best!

At 6:19 pm, Blogger Owzyo! thought it was best to say...

C'mon mun....update....what happend on the boat with the flagpole?


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