Thursday, August 26, 2004

Moxies, if you don't believe in it - it'll go away.

Yet another stressful day in Bed. Got up around 5pm!! I'm currently getting a really bad case of 'Unemployment Syndrome' yet I'm working about 20hrs a week - not much I know but I still can't understand the extra long sleeps or the craving for Neighbours in the early afternoon. Po's away getting episodes that are a couple of months ahead and I get none at all, where's the justice. I don't even know what goes on in Neighbours but I could spend hours slagging off the acting, endless entertainment.

So, I'm getting bored now in Calgary - life is pretty normal here, I need to get back down to Vancouver to bathe myself in the madness that is the public transit system! Sud and myself spent a few hours collectively on the cities' Skytrain (Like the London underground, but above ground and not as smelly) traveling to and from Surrey (Name rip-off again), I got SO sick of the announcer saying "Next stop is NANAIMO" I felt like getting out of the carriage and walking past NANAIMO and to the station next along the line. But, I would have just taken out my anger on another innocent station. Anyway, we always seemed to end up sitting next to some nutter or another that talked to random people about his trip to Mexico when his car broke down or how they thought that another passenger looked like Tom Hanks... It was just a mobile lunatic asylum!

The Mobile lunatic assylum or the Vancouver Skytrain as it's known to most.

Went out to a place called Moxies last night. Brittney has her boyfriend, Greg, staying at the moment before they move happily to another house together in September. Greg and myself were driven to Moxies by a friend of theirs called Scott (I think - wasn't listening) and his girlfriend (name escapes me again, I'm sure it sounded like, Beer...Beer....drink me....). So, I had one thing on the mind - I think may have a drinking problem but then again, I remind myself that it's because I'm Welsh - the world seems right again! Had some nice food, joined by another guy called 'Stirling', I believe, and several of my friends - pitchers of beer no.1, no.2,no.3 and no.4. All in all, a good evening but Britt threw up after a dodgy sandwich - yummy.

Stirling drove Greg, Britt and myself back home but not before purchasing some dodgy 6% beer from the local offie. Me and Greg stayed up drinking until whatever time in the morning before passing out on my foam mattress on the floor. Perfect.


At 6:36 pm, Blogger Owzyo! thought it was best to say...

There's that anger thing again, It seems i'm in a further advanced stage, where I take it out on inanimate objects.... nip it in the bud mate, you need a girlfriend... not to beat up tho


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