Thursday, August 26, 2004

Just a stupid day.

Picked up a rather tasty hangover from last night, not quite as almighty as my last decent one in Nova Scotia but it had substance to it all the same. And that substance was having a great time trying to escape my stomach through my mouth for most of the day - You've gotta love it.

Had and early start at 1:30pm today! Spent the afternoon trying to get to sleep so the world would just disappear until I felt better again but, reality was keen on making me pay for going near cheap beer again. Oh, for an Oranjeboom!

Was supposed to work at 6pm so I ventured outside to walk into work only to discover that reality was having a right fucking laugh at me and had decided to send in the wettest rain I've seen since being in Canada. Off I went, getting soaked through within about 5mins. Thought about catching the bus but the state I was in, it'd probably run me over or something. Walked a little further and all of a sudden felt my left foot get extremely cold and wet, I looked down to discover a HUGE split in the side of my shoe (Po, remember the shoes we both got in Millets on the cheap? Mine are now fucked - how are yours holding up?!) and the sight of water gushing into it from the large puddle I was currently standing in...

Made it halfway into work by the time my kegs started getting wet so decided to risk the C-train (Another nifty London underground copy, but actually on the ground this time). As I approached the station 'Sunnyside'.... I was lucky enough to see my train just pulling off. I rinsed my socks out on the platform, someone on the other side thought it was funny. I was quite miffed and in an state of rage, I almost threw my socks at him, but restrained myself as wet socks wouldn't have enough power to reach the other platform with any harmful effect plus, I then wouldn't have any socks at all. Shit! He escaped with his life, just. Caught the next train and as usual, found myself sat next to a fucking nut. This huge guy took up 3 of the four seats available and ALL of the legroom, I think he started to talk to me but I just got up and left the train at the next stop. Out in the rain again but at least I didn't have to talk to anyone.

Got to work and everyone looked pretty surprised to see me - I discovered that this was due to the fact that I wasn't on the rota to work tonight. At that moment my rage dissipated and was replaced by nothing but an evil chuckle every now and then. A pint of Kilkenny quickly sorted it out though, I apologised to Reality for drinking cheap beer and promised I'd never do it again (A complete lie). Immediately I felt better, I remembered that I had some spare clothes (as mine were soaked) in my bag which I changed into. Bruce (the other dishwasher) very kindly decided that he didn't want to work tonight so let me take his shift as I was there anyway. The night was good fun, I ate food from the kitchen constantly and was nice and full by the end. AND, the rain had stopped just in time for me to walk home, dry! Hooray!

Got home and tucked into a couple of those beers left over from last night.....


At 6:30 pm, Blogger Owzyo! thought it was best to say...

Suffering from the 'Rage' as well eh? It's not good news... try counting to ten, then thumping them

At 10:53 pm, Blogger Aarti thought it was best to say...

that 1st paragraph is making me heave

At 3:37 pm, Blogger Aarti thought it was best to say...

Well He can't move to Reading unless there's a job there. We lived there for a while, only moved home this month.
When Im preggers Im coming back to Cardiff to have em.
One of my cousins came for wedding yesterday and shouted at me coz i asked "where to" (as in where to do you study!) Apparently I should ask "where at"
I'd end up slapping my English speaking babies.


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