Sunday, August 15, 2004


Yesterday I was woken up by an extremely bored Brittney at around midday, and seeing as I don't usually up until about 3pm I was mildly miffed, but she offered to make me a cup of tea and I quickly cheered up (Tea is a little weakness of mine...). As it was farking hot outside, we decided to go swimming in the local outdoor pool but quickly discovered that we had to pay $5.10 for the pleasure of wallowing in little childrens wee. That idea out the window, we decided to go for a dip in the river that flows through the city, the Bow. Most people on a nice sunny day take to various inflatables and float for about 3hrs down the river - relaxing. But, as we were both broke and Britt wasn't up for purchasing an inflatable shark each, we just went swimming instead. Found a nice spot (hidden from other people, to save them from seeing my brilliant White-ness) and spent an hour or so there.

We got back to the house and both smelt of somthing not very pleasant from the river and Britt was complaining of an 'Itchy Arse', which I also had a case of later on that evening. I think we'll get a boat like everyone else next time.

So, went for food in the local Irish Bar (Is there any city in the world without one? I heard that the one in Cairo is called "O'Niles"... bad eh?) called Molly Malones. Had fab nosh and filled myself up so much that I couldn't really move that fast atall- soon wore off though as I quickly sweated it off..lovely.

Later on I went down to Screws for a bit of pintage with people from work. Sat with Kyle, Bruce, Ryan and the funniest Frenchman I've ever met, Laurant. One of the best things about working in Pubs is the constant Happy Hour prices and the regular free pint that the bar staff "mis-pour" I loves it! Shot some more pool, played a bit better this time, we had a Europe v North America (Wales & France v Canada & America) and Europe played some impressive pool right until the 'killer blow' which I seemed to fuck up with amazing regularity!

Twas my little sisters', Elinors', birthday today so I gave her a ring but she just did a typical 12yr old thing and didn't say much because her friends were in the same room! So I rang my friend Greggers instead, true to form he had just got drunk on his own and fallen asleep by 8pm! Kind of miss Cardiff in that respect, drinking isn't so big over here. People don't tend to out until 10 or 11pm (Bars open til 3 though). See if I can change that though...


At 7:04 am, Blogger Owzyo! thought it was best to say...

River Itchy Arse... doesn't sound so bad after po's aquatic exploits..
Still nothing ventured nothing gained - but you best still go to a clinic anyhow


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