Thursday, August 26, 2004

Just a stupid day.

Picked up a rather tasty hangover from last night, not quite as almighty as my last decent one in Nova Scotia but it had substance to it all the same. And that substance was having a great time trying to escape my stomach through my mouth for most of the day - You've gotta love it.

Had and early start at 1:30pm today! Spent the afternoon trying to get to sleep so the world would just disappear until I felt better again but, reality was keen on making me pay for going near cheap beer again. Oh, for an Oranjeboom!

Was supposed to work at 6pm so I ventured outside to walk into work only to discover that reality was having a right fucking laugh at me and had decided to send in the wettest rain I've seen since being in Canada. Off I went, getting soaked through within about 5mins. Thought about catching the bus but the state I was in, it'd probably run me over or something. Walked a little further and all of a sudden felt my left foot get extremely cold and wet, I looked down to discover a HUGE split in the side of my shoe (Po, remember the shoes we both got in Millets on the cheap? Mine are now fucked - how are yours holding up?!) and the sight of water gushing into it from the large puddle I was currently standing in...

Made it halfway into work by the time my kegs started getting wet so decided to risk the C-train (Another nifty London underground copy, but actually on the ground this time). As I approached the station 'Sunnyside'.... I was lucky enough to see my train just pulling off. I rinsed my socks out on the platform, someone on the other side thought it was funny. I was quite miffed and in an state of rage, I almost threw my socks at him, but restrained myself as wet socks wouldn't have enough power to reach the other platform with any harmful effect plus, I then wouldn't have any socks at all. Shit! He escaped with his life, just. Caught the next train and as usual, found myself sat next to a fucking nut. This huge guy took up 3 of the four seats available and ALL of the legroom, I think he started to talk to me but I just got up and left the train at the next stop. Out in the rain again but at least I didn't have to talk to anyone.

Got to work and everyone looked pretty surprised to see me - I discovered that this was due to the fact that I wasn't on the rota to work tonight. At that moment my rage dissipated and was replaced by nothing but an evil chuckle every now and then. A pint of Kilkenny quickly sorted it out though, I apologised to Reality for drinking cheap beer and promised I'd never do it again (A complete lie). Immediately I felt better, I remembered that I had some spare clothes (as mine were soaked) in my bag which I changed into. Bruce (the other dishwasher) very kindly decided that he didn't want to work tonight so let me take his shift as I was there anyway. The night was good fun, I ate food from the kitchen constantly and was nice and full by the end. AND, the rain had stopped just in time for me to walk home, dry! Hooray!

Got home and tucked into a couple of those beers left over from last night.....

Moxies, if you don't believe in it - it'll go away.

Yet another stressful day in Bed. Got up around 5pm!! I'm currently getting a really bad case of 'Unemployment Syndrome' yet I'm working about 20hrs a week - not much I know but I still can't understand the extra long sleeps or the craving for Neighbours in the early afternoon. Po's away getting episodes that are a couple of months ahead and I get none at all, where's the justice. I don't even know what goes on in Neighbours but I could spend hours slagging off the acting, endless entertainment.

So, I'm getting bored now in Calgary - life is pretty normal here, I need to get back down to Vancouver to bathe myself in the madness that is the public transit system! Sud and myself spent a few hours collectively on the cities' Skytrain (Like the London underground, but above ground and not as smelly) traveling to and from Surrey (Name rip-off again), I got SO sick of the announcer saying "Next stop is NANAIMO" I felt like getting out of the carriage and walking past NANAIMO and to the station next along the line. But, I would have just taken out my anger on another innocent station. Anyway, we always seemed to end up sitting next to some nutter or another that talked to random people about his trip to Mexico when his car broke down or how they thought that another passenger looked like Tom Hanks... It was just a mobile lunatic asylum!

The Mobile lunatic assylum or the Vancouver Skytrain as it's known to most.

Went out to a place called Moxies last night. Brittney has her boyfriend, Greg, staying at the moment before they move happily to another house together in September. Greg and myself were driven to Moxies by a friend of theirs called Scott (I think - wasn't listening) and his girlfriend (name escapes me again, I'm sure it sounded like, Beer...Beer....drink me....). So, I had one thing on the mind - I think may have a drinking problem but then again, I remind myself that it's because I'm Welsh - the world seems right again! Had some nice food, joined by another guy called 'Stirling', I believe, and several of my friends - pitchers of beer no.1, no.2,no.3 and no.4. All in all, a good evening but Britt threw up after a dodgy sandwich - yummy.

Stirling drove Greg, Britt and myself back home but not before purchasing some dodgy 6% beer from the local offie. Me and Greg stayed up drinking until whatever time in the morning before passing out on my foam mattress on the floor. Perfect.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Tea anyone?

Having read Owzy's tea review featured in a recent entry on his blog I was quickly reminded that I was running low on Tetleys, my life blood (the other life blood, apart from beer). Here's something interesting, Tetleys in Canada has a large number of tasty flavours available (23 to be precise, the two newest being Earl Grey Vanilla and Rooibos vanilla, mmmm) but the regular flavour is named 'Orange Pekoe' rather than just 'Regular'. Is this just a Canadian thing or do all regular Tetleys boxes read 'Orange Pekoe'? Owz, if you could check the British boxes, Po can be responsible for the Aussie market and Aarti, if you have any useful information from the tea-motherland of India, let me know! I'll finally be able to rest at night with that info!

On a similar subject, remember colour of the packets of Cheese and Onion crisps used to be green, S&V were blue? Many people believe that the colours were reversed at some point - I did a little research and found that Walkers crisps have always had C&O as blue and S&V as green, so here's the interesting bit... When I was a kid Walkers crisps were not available in the South. The two big brands we had were Golden Wonder and Smiths - both of which were blue for S&V and Green for C&O. When Walkers began to dominate the market over the whole of Britain, people became totally confused! Good eh? Another good nights sleep for me, IF ONLY... When I was in Oz, I bought a pack of Cheese and Onion crisps but found them tasting a little odd, and to quote a good friend of mine at the time:-

"What FUCKED UP country puts CHICKEN flavour crisps in a GREEN BAG?!" The plot thickens.

So, as you can all guess, I've not been up to my usual mischief recently!! I've been stuck inside the house watching Canada suck at the Olympics, and I can only watch so many replays of them winning their only medals (One Gold, One Silver and One Bronze). They have about 6 cable channels dedicated to replaying those three events over and over again - to be fair though, they do show replay upon replay of Michael Phelps as well! Sorry Canada, but I really hate the Olympics anyway, don't take it personally.

I went over to Andrews house last night and chilled out for a while with him and his girlfriend. We tucked into a few tasty beers (almost typed Bears, that would have looked odd...) and watched a film called 'Run Lola Run' which is all in German but with Englisch subtitles. Quite liked it, the actress that plays Lola is apparently in 'The Bourne Supremacy' as people keep telling me whenever I watch it. I've turned into one of those people that notice the actors that are in other films rather than listen to what is going on. I spend the entire movie saying "Oh, that's whatshisname from that film with that blonde girl, you know..." Annoying eh?

Also watched 'Requiem for a dream' recently, it stars Jennifer Connolly who played Sarah in 'Labyrinth' (One of my fav films along with Tremors, thanks Bledd for re-kindling my love for that one). I thought her list of film credits would have been as small as David Bowies trousers in that film!!

Just before I retire today, see for yourself what happens when you're a pleb like me and miss out the letter 'S' in 'Blogspot' when you're typing it into your address bar. Amazing where bad typing can get you!

Right, gotta go as it's just gone 5:15am and I'm due another shot of Tea.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Can a dance?

Upon actually looking at my bank balance, I realised that I didn't actually have one... (I always look surprised whenever I see it). So I decided to spend a few days not doing anything that involves spending money.. drinking, eating and sex were all out of the question then... (joke, I never pay for my food).

I went out on Sunday night all the same. Went to a relatively local place called the 'Keg' with Tyler, it was nice enough but situated in a rather odd position - on what seemed to be a business park... Met up with Tylers mate, Sabrina, and immediatly we were plied with various alcoholic beverages. We were joined by a nice enough guy called Hans, he studied folklore in Uni and proceeded to sing Auld Scottish songs to us! Was quite funny to listen to, he also played Second row, only the fourth rugby-playing Canadian that I've seen so far (One is my mate Sud and the other two were current/former Canadian International Scrum Half/Centre, in that order). Went on to the 'Roadhouse', one of the many "Best nights out" in Calgary (according to the local radio). It's good fun in there though, if not a little pricy. Strategically placed are two ATM's - not good news for young Chris. I hope they don't introduce those into clubs in Britain too soon (They already have?...Balls)

I had a pole dancing competition with some random girl who thought she was pretty hot, she was but I just felt like bringing her down a peg or two! I got a few cheers from some people that saw the sorry sight of me rubbing my arse against a pole, and the hot girl obviously felt out-classed (?) as she just walked off looking rather unhappy. Mission accomplished! The night ended when Hans decided to do the highland fling and wiped out a couple of revellers. Sabrina, Tyler and myself went to get a Chinese, the girls had picked up a bloke each so I just sat there enjoying all the glorious food set in front of me. Home then, and to bed!

Work was pretty normal tonight, people pissing around and generally having a good time. It was one of the chefs', Andrews', last night at work so we had a couple of drinks afterwards. Went to F.A.T.S (as it's located on Fifth Avenue and Tenth Street) in Kensington (another British name rip-off) for couple but it all closed up at 2am so we just went home.

I'm next in work on Wednesday so God knows what I'll get up to in the next couple of days. Not allowed to spend much money though or I'll never get home. If you get deported, does the government pay for your ticket home?

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

The Shaggy Beast lives!

Just decided to do a search for Shaggybeast to see if anyone else had used the same name on the internet. Sure enough I found this site. Seems there are several sites dedicated to this terror from the Middle-Ages, I even take on some of the attributes - I can breath fire and frequently chase young maidens...

Incidentaly I got the name from a kiddies book about animals and the section detailing the 'Yak' described it as a Shaggy Beast, thought it sounded pretty funny.

Sunday, August 15, 2004


Yesterday I was woken up by an extremely bored Brittney at around midday, and seeing as I don't usually up until about 3pm I was mildly miffed, but she offered to make me a cup of tea and I quickly cheered up (Tea is a little weakness of mine...). As it was farking hot outside, we decided to go swimming in the local outdoor pool but quickly discovered that we had to pay $5.10 for the pleasure of wallowing in little childrens wee. That idea out the window, we decided to go for a dip in the river that flows through the city, the Bow. Most people on a nice sunny day take to various inflatables and float for about 3hrs down the river - relaxing. But, as we were both broke and Britt wasn't up for purchasing an inflatable shark each, we just went swimming instead. Found a nice spot (hidden from other people, to save them from seeing my brilliant White-ness) and spent an hour or so there.

We got back to the house and both smelt of somthing not very pleasant from the river and Britt was complaining of an 'Itchy Arse', which I also had a case of later on that evening. I think we'll get a boat like everyone else next time.

So, went for food in the local Irish Bar (Is there any city in the world without one? I heard that the one in Cairo is called "O'Niles"... bad eh?) called Molly Malones. Had fab nosh and filled myself up so much that I couldn't really move that fast atall- soon wore off though as I quickly sweated it off..lovely.

Later on I went down to Screws for a bit of pintage with people from work. Sat with Kyle, Bruce, Ryan and the funniest Frenchman I've ever met, Laurant. One of the best things about working in Pubs is the constant Happy Hour prices and the regular free pint that the bar staff "mis-pour" I loves it! Shot some more pool, played a bit better this time, we had a Europe v North America (Wales & France v Canada & America) and Europe played some impressive pool right until the 'killer blow' which I seemed to fuck up with amazing regularity!

Twas my little sisters', Elinors', birthday today so I gave her a ring but she just did a typical 12yr old thing and didn't say much because her friends were in the same room! So I rang my friend Greggers instead, true to form he had just got drunk on his own and fallen asleep by 8pm! Kind of miss Cardiff in that respect, drinking isn't so big over here. People don't tend to out until 10 or 11pm (Bars open til 3 though). See if I can change that though...

Friday, August 13, 2004

Well bugger me with a wooden spoon!

The last couple of days have been pretty uneventful, I only work three nights a week in the pub but the other four evenings seem to be spent reading other peoples blogs (Thanks for all the votes by the way....!).

Tuesday night I went for a car ride with Tyler, Brittney and Kelly. We visited a fast food joint called 'Peters' - it's renowned for it's cheeseburgers and milkshakes apparently. Peters was always an extremely successful fast food joint but it never expanded a la McDonalds, and just consists of one establishment. Imagine what it'd be like if it had expanded to the UK - "I'm just going out for a Peter, you want anything?" Wierd.

We also visited an old zoo enclosure which the locals call 'Stone Henge' - quite original, wouldn't it be great if we had one of those... Anyway, once we arrived we were treated to a very nice night-time view of the city - you know, one of the ones they put on postcards and write 'CALGARY' in fancy letters across the front.

I slept for most of Tuesday, then went to work. (Sorry for the lack of detail but that's all that happened, really.) Work was pretty regular, people brought me dirty dishes, I cleaned them. Finished at 11:30pm and decided to buy a few beers, then the chef Ryan joined me, then the head waiter, Laurant, then a couple of the servers - you know how it goes. We had a few games of pool and I thought I'd put my hours clocked up in the George to use and show these Canadians how to play, I sucked. No more needs to be said. Everyone drove / stumbled home and passed out.

Wednesday, work again but went straight to a lovely place named the 'Back Alley' afterwards. It's not as dodgy as it sounds - kind of like Gwernllwyn, Cross Hands (if u've been) but with metal music and really slutty girls (No change to Gwernllwyn then) If you're female, not a slut and were in the Back Alley last night, I'm sorry I didn't see you, maybe you were standing BEHIND the girls with the 'skirts' round their necks and the dainty boots reaching to about an inch below 'minge base'. I met Brittney and Tyler inside but they were both trashed and I wasn't in the mood for playing catchup really. It was about half one when I realised that I only had $8 left, either a taxi fare or two more beers and a two mile walk home..... So as I was walking through the red light district, getting asked "Hey hun, where u staying tonight?", I just kept my head down and carried on going. Two guys started ambleing towards me and one said "Where's the prozzies?" I just kept on walking but then somthing clicked, everyone over here calls them Hookers, no one says 'Prozzies'. I turned round and asked the boys where they were from, "Llandovery" they replied. Fuck. I'm in the middle of a Red light district, in the middle of Canada at about 2:30am and the only people I meet on the street are a load of prostitutes and two boys who live in the next town along from my home, Llandeilo. Then, in the pub tonight about three customers walk in, nothing out of the ordinary, apart from the fact that the guy in front has 'CYMRU' in big letters across the front of his t-shirt... Small world eh?

Sunday, August 08, 2004

A new home?

Not to worry munchkins, I don't think that Calgary is the kind of place that I'll settle in. I'm talking about a new hobby, 'The Ship & Anchor'! As far as drinking establishments go, this one suits me fine. It's located on the 'infamous' 17th Avenue South East Calgary, or the 'Red Mile' as it's known to the yokels. The 'mile' is just a strip of mainly bars, eateries and a couple of 'trendy' shopping spots. (Am I over-using the inverted commas?) It became notorious after the Stanley Cup (Big Ice Hockey tournament) when the Calgary Flames reached the play-off finals this year. After every game that Calgary won, the street became rammed with thousands of revellers whom continued to party until the early hours! It was reported that there was a high 'naked breast' count most evenings too. I'm sure there's a website with photos somewhere....

The Red mile during the Stanley Cup play-off finals - The Flames narrowly lost in the final to Tampa Bay...

So, the Ship, I've spent a few evenings there and not really been anywhere else just yet. They serve pints (rare around here) and it has a rather nice Beer Garden, or 'patio' (have to translate into North American). Still not managed to go out drinking with any of the barmaids yet (It took 2 months in the George though) or manage to move in with them (7 months in the George). Nevermind we'll work on that one!

Have mostly just been kicking around the house, or working at the pub. Im' living with friend of mine, Kelly, who I met in Cairns (Oz) about 3 yrs ago, and her three lovely housemates Brittney, Tyler and Natalia. Also living with 4 cats, nice but one of them is gay and keeps trying to get off with me in the middle of the night, he has this wierd thing where he strokes your cheek with his paw and then moves in for the killer kiss...queer bastard.

Tonight, I'm trying to persuade people to go out but they think they're all tired. We'll have to see about that. Where's the beer?

Thursday, August 05, 2004

And so it begins.

Right, have finally got around to creating a blog. People that know me reasonably well will know that I regularly make excuses for various things, mainly for not doing what I said I was going to do for the day and also for not being where I said I probably would be... So, true to form, I'll start with an excuse...

I was going to start writing a Blog approximately two months ago but felt that, at the time my life wasn't that interesting for other people (or myself) to read. I can only talk so long about the George (well, I could go for a while but only my drinking buddies would be able to relate). Soon (just over a week) after the descision not to join the blog community, I moved out of my Ninian road residence, moved out of Cardiff and moved out of the country. I'm currently in Canada, Calgary to be precise.

My uncled married a Canadian girl in Nova Scotia (East coast Canadian province for the non Canadians) about 6 weeks ago so I went with some of my family for the wedding. I then flew over to Vancouver and to Victoria (BC, West coast) to visit friends. Most in Cardiff will remember young Sudrick, or at least the sight of one of his boots flying across the dancefloor in Creation...! Anyway, I was due to fly back to the homeland but decided (on Canada day, 1st Jul) that this was all too much fun and that I'd rather stay in Bryan Adams country for a little longer.

Calgary - small from up here..

I moved on to Calgary in search of some work, and found it! I'm currently the newest Dishwasher in a downtown 'British style' pub called 'Bottle Screw Bills' or 'Screws' for energy conservation purposes. That's where I am now and that's where the Blog will start..... (Hooray)

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